Friday, January 30, 2009

Why snowboots are a waste of my money.

We have finally come into winter here in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Nothing crazy like when I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin. Check out those piles of snow...
That's me there about the "ss."  I heart my big winter denim coat.  
(That boy in the front on the left... See him there?... He tried to kiss me about a month after this picture was taken.  I didn't let him kiss me until a couple years later at my junior formal.    I haven't heard anything about him in years.  Do you suppose he's on Facebook?)

We got snow (and mass amounts of ice) this past week.  Schools were cancelled and children went sledding (on 2 inches of snow!  Those poor deprived children!).  They built itty-bitty snowmen and forts perfect for a toddler.  I've been looking at all the snowy pictures of my friends on FB and Google Reader.  

Unfortunately I have no pictures of my children playing out in the bits of snow from this week.  We've been quarantined inside with all sorts of RSV-related illnesses.  So I thought I'd post my pictures of the last snow we got...the first one of the winter, which fell a few weeks ago.

The girl wasn't too sure about eating the snow, but I convinced her it was a part of winter.  Just stay away from the yellow stuff.  That's bad, man!

For this mid-Atlantic girl, running laps in the snow is as good as it gets.  
Poor thing doesn't remember the 2 feet of snow we got on Christmas day the one and only winter she spent in WI.

A shot of me and my boy...
What keeps me on my toes... (Would you just look at the love in that boys eyes!!! The feeling is totally mutual Little Man!)

And more snow eating...Trust me! Once you start, you won't be able to stop!


Hopefully in a couple weeks when we go to Wisconsin the tempuratures will be bearable enough to take the kids sledding.  Obviously they've never been.  We'll have to get her a pair of boots and some snow pants.  She's never had snow pants.  The first year we lived her we bought her a pair of snow boots.  She wore them once.  
We haven't wasted the money on any since.  

(Maybe someone in Wausau has a pair of snowpants and boots she could borrow...hint...hint...)

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