Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And I Was Freaking Out Yesterday!

"There's not much holding this baby in," said the midwife.

Oh dear! I thought.  I've got so much to do.

"You're a good centimeter dilated and your cervix is very ripe.  The baby's head is quite low.  Any day now."

Oh! Dear!


If you haven't twittered yet, you really must!  I started a couple weeks ago to amuse my husband and I see now how addictive it is.  You really must start now and be sure to add me to your list of friends... I'm melissajanel.  As I go into labor I'll be posting as much as I can on twitter, so if for no other reason that that, you must sign up today.  You might also want to add scottieb to your list as The Music Man may take over the posting from time to time.  

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