Monday, November 28, 2005

Our Thanksgiving...

Well, our Thanksgiving was extra special this year because Scott ran in his first race ever! He ran in the 10th Annual YMCA 5k Turkey Trot in Bel Air, MD. Scott joined six others from our church in the run. Some ran, some walked. All week long prior to the run he kept trying to convince me that I should just stay home. He said things like, "it's going to be cold, icy, icky..." Yeah, I'm from Wisconsin, so like that's going to work on me! Natalie and I just bundled up and cheered him on!!

Here is Daddy getting Natalie ready for the day. It was about 630am Thanksgiving morning.

Scott just after registration.

Here's the whole gang. (Front - Robert Butler, Sean Forrest, Amy Stevenson (our fabulous church secretary), Donna Bosmeny (our senior pastor's wife), Back - Scott Ball, Tom Butler, Pastor Alan Bosmeny (our senior pastor).)

Our little family - The Ballroom

The Elkton First Pastoral Team - Scott (worship/technologies/creative arts), Sean (youth), P. Alan (everything else!)

Natalie was so sleepy!

The runners get going...

As they ran we went back to the car and ate a snack. On our way back we came across this giant turkey. Natalie loved it!!!

I tried to catch everyone as they crossed the finish line, but I missed Sean, so I took this picture of him waiting across the way for the others in our little group. He gave me the heads-up as they approached the finish line.

Here comes Scott!!!!! (Sean was great about cheering everyone on!)

Pastor Alan and Scott ran almost the whole way. They stayed together and only stopped once or twice. Here they are crossing the finish line together.

Ooooo....It was a tough run for Scott!!!

Here's Robert...

And Tom...

This guy!!! You would not have believed this guy!!! Do you remember the soup nazi from Seinfield? Well, this guy was the race nazi. He was yelling at people as they approached the finish line...."Women to the left! Men to the right!" He would actually try to physically stop people from crossing the finish line if they did not have a registered number! It was crazy!!!

Here come Donna and Amy... They walked the 5k, but decided to run the last little bit! Go Girls!

Here is the post run picture. Everyone looks a little less energetic!

On our way home, Natalie fell asleep.

Meanwhile we got stuck in Thanksgiving traffic on I-95. So we listened to Arlo Guthrie's infamous hit, Alice's Restaurant.

This is a bona-fide Hawaiian license plate.

We're bored in traffic. The people in the car next to us were laughing at us. I tried to take their picture, but traffic finally started moving and they zoomed off.

One of the bridges we cross frequently and an all too common toll booth.

Another unique license plate that is rarely seen across the country. Notice the tag line at the bottom of the plate: "Taxation without representation."

Natlalie woke up and took off her socks and boots.

So that was our Thanksgiving morning! In the afternoon we went to Amy's daughter's house and joined their family for dinner. We had a wonderful time and ate lots of yummy food! Mmmm.....turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and macaronis? Yes, we ate macaroni prior to our grub-fest. (Amy's son-in-law is 100% Italian.) Overall it was a wonderful day!!!

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