Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Naked Natalie

So Natalie is going through this phase (hopefully) of taking her clothes off...ALL THE TIME!!! You don't even know how many times I have gone into her room after a nap or in the morning and found her stark naked! In fact yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures of her, but Scott wouldn't let me post them on the internet. (Don't want them getting into the wrong hands!)

Then Last night, I layed her down for bedtime and 20 minutes or so later I heard her up and jumping around in her bed. So I went in to lay her back down like Super Nanny taught me to, and I found her nude...all the way. We've been working on using the potty (her idea--not mine!) and she is starting to get the hang of things. She knows that when she has to go potty we take her diaper off and sit on the toilet. Well, things got a little turned around for her last night. When she had to go, she stripped down, took off the diaper and sat on her crib mirror as a toilet. She peed all over it as well as all over her bed. I was ready to duct tape the stinkin' diapers onto her little bum!!!!

So anyway, this afternoon I go into get her up from her nap and she is shirtless, which I find astonishing because she is wearing a onesie. Here she had it pulled down around her waist. Of course I grabbed the camera right away...

I asked her to pull her shirt up a little.

I told her to let it go.

I told her to cover her boo-boos.

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