Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ugh! Saturday!

Why is it that I am the crabbiest on Saturdays? Is it because I know my house should be cleaned on Saturdays or that my husband has to go back to work the next day, or because all I really wanted to do today was get a babysitter and go shopping with my husband buying whatever I wanted? Instead I stayed home and cleaned the house, rearranged Natalie's room for the 50th time since we moved here, made dinner and read a book. Oh yeah, I watched half of Guarding Tess and half of The Other Sister (and bawled my eyes out with the latter. I always loose it when she screams "STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!" My heart aches for her!) While it wasn't an all together bad day, I was just crabby. For no reason really but still too crabby to notice that the building next to ours was on fire. So much so that the Fire Department was here and now there's yellow tape around the building. I don't think I even opened the curtains at all. I vaguely remember hearing sirens and thinking to myself that they sounded awfully close.

Even though I had to clean the house today, Natalie was a good cleaning partner. She loves to "help" although her "helping" is actually beginning to help. She likes to hand me the silver wear when I empty the dishwasher. She likes to wipe things, and she vacuums with her vacuum. Today I did find her on the couch watching TV, though--a quick break she said. Now, believe it or not, she went into the living room, turned the TV on, and climbed onto the sofa all by herself. This is how I found her! No joke! - remote in hand! Is she her father's child or what?!

So while Natalie and I were cleaning and oblivious to the fire raging next door, Scott had a men's wedding shower to go to today. It must be an East Coast thing, because I have certainly never heard of men having a wedding shower. I've heard of co-ed showers, in fact I think we had one before our wedding. But the guys are always clustered around the food table talking football and totally uninterested in the new towels and bed linens. The whole idea just seems odd. I guess it gives those closest to the bride and groom another chance to celebrate their new life together. Being a bridesmaid over 10 times in my life, I do know the wonderful joy of watching your dearest friends in the excitement prior to the Big Day! It is a priceless feeling! In this case, the groom is the son of our new senior pastor. He and his bride-to-be are a wonderful couple full of the love of God. They really do deserve all the parties in the world! I just can't get over the oddity of a men's wedding shower. Can you imagine it! The groom opens a haphazardly wrapped set of drill bits only to squeal in delight. "Oh my gosh! I love this kind!! When I saw these in the store I just knew I had to have them!" I'm sorry. I shouldn't be making fun of them. Scott had a great time and some really good burgers! Hey...That's all you need for a good men's wedding shower!

The other day when we got home from the beach I started a bunch of laundry. I stacked up the naked pillows in the hallway outside the laundry room awaiting their trip to our bed. When I finished loading the washer and headed to return the pillows to the bed, I happened to find our little Natalina perched up on the pillows helping herself to a snack from the beach bag. She loves to sit on things that are close to the ground--her height. For instance, steps-no matter where they are- are always a great spot. Then there's Daddy's guitar case, pillows, stacks of folded clothes waiting to be put away, books, more pillows, toys, her Natalie sized chairs and stools, her desk, her car, and anything else that seems to be her size.

As you can see her size is fast becoming not so little anymore! She is definitely a toddler with all it's joys and sorrows. I just had to take a picture of her yesterday as we were getting ready to go to the library. It was the first cool (and I use that term VERY loosely) all summer. (I think the high was 84 or something, but humidity was low which made the difference.) She wanted to wear socks and her Strawberry Shortcake tennis shoes. She looked like a little girl walking around the house (except for the Nuk in the mouth, but I need something to keep my baby with me a little while longer!). I can't believe how fast she is growing!

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  1. I am so glad to hear you are doing well! Natalie is a little doll baby! She reminds me a little of Ellie. I will try to get some pics sent of all the kids. They are getting so old! Josiah is 5 now and then Ethan 3 1/2 Ellie 20 months and Samuel is 4 months. Time goes by to quick! Let me know how things are going at the new church!


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