Friday, August 19, 2005

Beach Week "05

We just got back from a mini beach week with some friends from church. We had a fantastic time! It was my first official vacation to the beach. I have been to various beaches and seen the ocean, heck, I have even swam in the Mediterranian Sea, but never had a "beach week." Living all my life in the midwest, the beach is something you have to fly to or drive forever to get to. The idea of driving an hour or two and ending up on sand is unthinkable. (I'm sorry but Manmade Lake in Wausau does not count at all!!) On our way there we passed some nice neighborhoods and Scot and i were talking about living in Delaware. When we buy a house, we'd like to buy in DE. Then it struck us! Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that we would be talking about living in Delaware, much less vacationing there! How crazy is that!

Anyway...back to the beach...

The McDowells and the Benickis hosted us at Bethany Beach in Delaware. We spent two days basking in the sun and playing in the waves! On Monday Scott went fishing with the guys in the Assawoman Bay. No one even had a nibble except for a few crabs here and there. Scott came back a little toasty on his arms and face. Even his normally pearly white legs were pink! He was a little uncomfortable for a day or two.

Natalie and I went with the ladies and the kids to the beach while Scott went fishing. Natalie was so funny. She wasn't too sure about the water or the sand so once we got her settled on the beach towel she didn't move! It was hilarious! If a little bit of sand touched her hand or toes she freaked out! But she did enjoy chasing the waves as they splashed her as long as she was on someone's hip. That evening Ewing insisted that Scott and I go on a date and leave Natalie with them. So we went for dinner and the took a moonlit walk on the beach. This was the first time we had ever gotten to do that! It was so wonderful!

On Tuesday Soctt came to the each with us. We had so much fun while Natalie hung out on the towel. We were jumping in the waves and getting knocked over by them! We wiped out a few times, but it was so much fun!! I couldn't believe that Scott, my Scott! was jumping around in the waves and loving every minute of it! We even saw dolphins up close and personal. I was fraking out! I have never seen dolphins in perona nd to see them that close was awesome! They were still a hundred yard out, but I was closer to them than ever before. I tried to get video and even chased them up the beach, but I'm not sure if I ever did get them in the viewfinder or not. I was so concerned with seeing them with my own eyes. It was so cool!

The whole beach experience was amazing and so much more than I was expecting. Watching the waves come in and going back out was breath taking. The sound was like listening to God's own heart beat for humanity. The waves crashed in to the rhythm of His heart. What an awesome sight! I was so humbled by the magesty of it all. God's hand was in and through everything. Everything about our trip was perfect. It was as if God was heaping blessing upon blessing into our llives. Thank you Lord for Your loving-kindeness. He is so good to us, isn't He?


  1. melissa:

    I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your time at the beach with us. Sorry we couldn't have two completely sunny days, but we loved having you there! I love all the pictures...except for the one with my behind in it! Anyway, we'll definitely have to do it again!


  2. What a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you guys got to go do that and enjoy a night out to yourselves to boot! What a treat! I often think about how I never dreamed in a million years I would ever live in Wisconsin and now Ohio. God has truly lead us on a path we never dreamed our eyes would look upon! I know how you guys feel!


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