Tuesday, August 30, 2005

She's in Stitches!

Those pesky litle stitches that are keeping Natalie's head together are actually quite becoming on her. I knw I'm partial, but she is so gorgeous even with the big old wound in her head! Here are a few more pictures from last week.
She gt her stitches out on Friday while we were in Ohio. I'll write more about that and our trip later. But for now...Enjoy!

I was blocking her view of Sesame Street...

She was finally able to have a bath. She REALLY needed one! So now she's nice and clean and ready to go with a Barbie band-aid....

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  1. ouch!! She looks like a tough girl. I can only imagine how you reacted when she fell! Well girl sorry I got your state mixed up I knew it was one of those states. Anyway, take care and I hope all is going well. I went to Andy Cass' wedding last month, it was really good. I was friends with his wife cause she went to my church up here. It was funny because of course I knew Andy from College then I met Christy back in Duluth, and she started talking about this guy named Andy one day and she told me Andy Cass, I was like no way I went to college with him. It was a great wedding and i saw Darrell and some people from NCU. Gotta love those days! Take care


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