Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Is it me, or do your days seem to all run together after a while?  I had the hardest time trying to remember which outfit wen with which day and what I did that day.  After about five minutes of this struggle, it dawned on me that iPhoto has this handy dandy little date thing attached to each picture. Wow.  Wish I would have thought about that before I hurt my brain for five minutes.

So without further ado...

Thursday, we did something so special that I can't even remember what it was. I do remember that the weather was GORGEOUS and I had the windows open all day.
Sweater: TJ Maxx $14.99
Tank: Old Navy $7
Cheap Flower: ???  $??? (Someone please teach me how to make those really cool fabric flowers!)
Jeans: Target $20
Bracelets: Glossy Bands from The Girl $Priceless (until it breaks)
Friday was again beautiful!
Top: Old Navy $10
Jeans (again!): Target
Flippies: Ebay $14
Saturday was a big day! (Props go to the Music Man for this shot.) It was Awesome Girls' Day. We spent the entire day shopping! Blissful!
Tank: The Walmarts $5 (Cute little Miley Cyrus thing. Did you know her dad is the achey breaky heart dude!? I just found that out a few months ago. Also...she and Hannah Montana are one in the same. Whodathunkit?)
Jeans (AGAIN! Why mess with a good thing?): Target
Flippies: Gap $20
Sunday was the Fourth of July as you can clearly see by my uber patriotic ensemble!
Dress: Kohls $33 (and apparently this dress is so popular that it's not even on their website for me to link to. I promise that I just got it on Saturday. Your Kohls might still have some.)
Sandals: TJ Maxx $40
(Trust me when I say that my babes were head to toe red, white, and blue stars and stripes!)

Monday. Ah, Monday. Our floating holiday. I spent the day in my swim suit and cover up. I'm sorry, but the internet does NOT need to have a picture of me in my swim suit on it.  If you're really DYING to see it then you can go here and see a video of my kids that I may or may not be in.)
Tuesday was hotter than the sun, so we went no where and did nothing.
Green Tank: The Walmarts $7
Shorts: Peebles (or as The Girl calls it-Pebbles) $17
Flippies: DSW $19


On another fashion related note...I need help.  Big help!  I bought something last week at the neighborhood Goodwill that can only be described as a muu-muu.  I loved that fabric and knew that something lovely could be made from the hideous thing.  I just don't know what. Or how to do it. Or anything.  Any ideas???


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  1. Hi! Loved ALL your outfits today, but I think your "patriotic ensemble" for Sunday was my favorite! This was my first week to participate; and while I wish I had a better camera, I had fun with it anyway! Have a great week! ~tina

  2. i really love your cuffed jean capris. i'm addicted to my cuffed jeans. i wear mine about every day too! thanks for stopping by my page!

  3. All the outfits that you wear are cute!


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