Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This picture has nothing to do with this post, 
but pictures make my mom and grandma happy.

Ok...so I've been really lazy about posting here.  I don't have a good excuse that won't require the use of the term "boy attached to my boob" and believe me when I say, I'm tired of talking about my boobs.  So, I'll leave it at I've just been lazy.  I have so much to say.  Having two kids gives one plenty of blog fodder, but it also diminishes the amount of sleep one gets, thus limiting one's motivation and productiveness.

I'm creating a new routine for my life.  It has to allow for plenty of boy-attached-to-my-boob time.  (Sorry.)  I also want to include time each day to work out and have just 15 minutes of alone time. (Oh, if only I could get the boy attached to my boob to sleep somewhere other than my arms!)  (Sorry for the boob reference. Again.) I also want to take time each day to write a post either here or here or both.  I'd even like to resurrect this bad boy at some point in time.  I'm taking just a little step each day.  Yesterday I worked out.  Today I blog.  Sometime I'd like to do both in one day.  

I have been reading alot of blogs lately.  That's what's been taking my post time away from you good people.  There are just so many interesting people out there!  I can't help myself.  

Those are some of my favorites and they are very motivated people that accomplish a great many things in a day.  They're starting to make me jealous of their consistent posting.  I've been so bad about that  lately.

So, if you ever wonder where I am or what I'm up to these days, I am most likely on the couch with the boy attached to my boob and computer in my lap reading one of the above.  (Or online shopping.  I love to shop online.  Love. IT!  But that's fodder for another post at another time.)

For now, I'm going to take a shower.  Then I just might take my kids to the park.  

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  1. Cute picture of you and the kids (even though it doesn't have anything to do with the blog) and Natalie at FunLand. I'm going to have to check out some of the blogs you mentioned...


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