Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Emerging From Hermitsville

Another picture that has nothing to do with this post.
But OH!, so beautiful.

I love blogging.  I love writing mine.  I love reading yours.  I love how this world wide web connects people like never before.  I have recently been sucked into Facebook.  It occupies alot of my nursing time*, but nothing keeps me occupied like Google Reader.

This morning as I was reading in Google Reader I came across this, which then led me here.  

Go read them now and then come back.  

Go ahead.  

I'll wait for you.

Did you read them both?  Are your eyes dry enough to read me?  Good.

I want to hear your thoughts.  I know there are like 6 people out there that I know of who read this little blog of mine.  I also know that I lurk around dozens of blogs.  I'm totally wrapped up in the stories of life and kids and career, but yet I never comment about anything.  I'm not really sure why I don't, but I'm done with it.  I've been inspired to step out of myself and my self-imposed hermitism.  I'm going to start commenting.   I want, no, I need a network of friends and support like those 8 ladies talked about.  

I'm throwing down a challenge to each of you phantom readers out there.  Come out of lurkerdom and introduce yourself.  I need you and you need me.  Tell me why you read these silly posts.  Give me a link to your world.  Add me as a friend.  I don't really care which it is so long as I get to hear from you.  


*If you didn't figure it out from all of my recent talk of boys and boobs, nursing time is the 20 hours a day I spend sitting around feeding my 8-week old (!!!!!!Yowzah!!!!!!) boy-wonder.


  1. your so beautiful! I love reading your site and all the other blogs I visit. IT does make me feel connected some how with others...I have been very lazy lately...or busy...whatever you want to call it. Trying to get my new house in order....taking care of my kids....spending time in the word.... but I love to read your stories and everyone elses even though I don't comment either.....keep blogging and know that I am here..............always reading...........:)

  2. do the chill bumps go away after reading that post???

    it is amazing how God can use something like the internet to bring us together. thank you for commenting, and i look forward to getting to know you better!

  3. Thanks for that link. I read the story from a couple of the ladies perspectives. What an amazing story.

  4. honeydewdebby12:49 PM

    Melis, I count myself a blessed woman to have you as a friend. I'm so thankful we're close enough to see each other, but if that ever changes, I'll read your blog until the last day. Love ya', Debby


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