Monday, October 29, 2007

Pin Pricks

I just had to share this hilarious story with you.  Last night The Music Man and I were going to bed.  We have yet to turn on the heat in our house because it's been so gorgeous, but last night it got down right cold.  So we were both shivering as we climbed into bed.  My man likes to watch tv before going to sleep (don't even get me started on that debate!), so he had his back to me and I was curled up behind him.  I was still too cold so I pulled my legs up to my belly to reserve my body heat.   A few minutes later he reached back and started scratching at his back where my knees were.  Then he started rubbing my knee.  I asked him if he like my sexy hairy knees.  And he said, "I felt something poking me and it hurt.  I thought there were pins in our bed."  

Nope!  Just my two-day old stubble on my knees.  For some reason I laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes.  I was remembering the days when I wouldn't dare let him touch my legs unless they were freshly shaven and glorious lotioned.  Yeah...I've really let myself go.  


  1. Melis - this is funny. Joshua hates the prickly stage of my legs and always says that I should grow them out until they are nice and soft. I told him only if we live in Europe!

  2. That is the funniest story!!! I used to be where you were......had to have the legs nicely shaven and feeling soft all the time just in case my hubby would brush up against them. Then you're married for a while and that rather goes to the wayside. Steve knows when I shave my legs he's getting lucky that night! Otherwise, I say the hairiness helps keep warm in the winter. :)

  3. Amen to sporting the long and hairy warmth for winter, although, it's that in-between stage (like I was in) that bristles when you're shivering from cold. If he can stand it long enough to get past that stage, we'll be good to go for a long, cold, hairy winter. Speaking of long and hairy...Scott hasn't shaved his face in over a week. He decided to try the mountain man look for a while. I love it, but I give it another day or two before it drives him completely batty. Then it'll be back to baby-butt-soft cheeks with a splash of a soul patch on the chin.

  4. Hahaha! That's great. Pins!!! Hahahaha!


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