Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Last night it snowed with some accumulation...FINALLY!!! Nothing like waiting till February for winter to start. Here are some pictures...

Ok, so that's not really North East, MD, but I did have you going, didn't I? Those pictures were taken in 2005 after a huge snowstorm hit Le March, Italy. Actually we only got about 3 inches, but I can't find our camera to take any pictures, hence the above. Can you believe that I am actually watching a ticker tape of school closings as I write? For 3 inches?! And MD is not unfamiliar with snow. Every so often they get huge Nor'easters that can have feet and feet of snow. It's just snow--no ice--just snow. Anyway, just thought I'd share my wintery wonderland with you... sort of. :)


  1. When I saw those pictures I was in reminded me of how much snow we get in the U.P. once in a while! You had me fooled!!! We had two days of school cancelations because of the cold....that was was a little too cold....weird....anyway Josiah enjoyed it! Hope your doing well...I am feeling somewhat better....still hurting a little but that will go away. Anyway...get some pics of what you guys accomplished in your house!!! :)I'm waiting.......

  2. Wow! If that was "some accumulation" I'd hate to see what a lot is! Interesting though. You fooled me! We've been having super cold temps. Monday they cancelled school cuz windchills were about -45 below! Brrr! Hope all is well!

  3. terrilowe9:07 PM

    wow you had me going and we live in the same town! wow...and yes it was a wonderful day off to be quite you!


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