Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jim Beaton

For a while now I have been bugging Scott to get a dog. He has resisted with great force. I came to the realization that FOR NOW it's better to let it drop than to keep pressing the issue. When we have a house with a yard...

But to prime him for that day, I decided we were getting a fish. He was totally on board for it, too which really kinda surprised me. Yesterday we headed to Petsmart to get ourselves an aquarium. We had this great 10 gallon tank in the cart, but then realized that if we found that fish aren't our thing, what were we going to do with all the stuff that went with the fish? We could always sell it on ebay, but that can be more work than it's worth. So we decided to put the aquarium back and start with a betta in a fish bowl. We found the most beautiful betta and bought a cool bowl that could be used for flowers in the future if the whole fish thing didn't pan out.

All the way home we talked about what to name him. Natalie wanted Nemo, but I wanted something more original than that. When we got home and I got the newest member of our family all settled in, Natalie told me she wanted to call the fishy Kitty. I couldn't believe it! It was so clever! Scott and I loved it. Well, today she came home from the Pinewood Derby and told me that she had re-named the fishy, Jimmy. Well, that was what Scott and I wanted to call him all along. His full name being Jim Beaton, Jimmy for short. You see, Jim Beaton was our State Farm guy in Wausau. For a long time Scott used his name as his passwords. So we thought it would be appropriate to name our fish after him. (When we were going to get the bigger tank and 3 goldfish, we were going to name them Jim Beaton, Gerry Nelson (our guy at the Wausau Saturn dealership), and Nemo for Natalie.)

So I'd like to introduce the newest member of our family, Jim "Jimmy" Beaton, a Siamese Fighting Fish. He was adopted on February 9, 2007. (We are registered at Petsmart and Petco.) He has an irridecent emerald body that can change to a sea blue, and even appear purple from different angles. His front fins are a deep magenta. Jimmy is quiet and sleeps a lot. He doesn't like his picture taken, nor does he like to have his bowl tapped. (He flares his fins up for both.) He is a good eater and loves to relax near his grass.

As you can see here (sorry about the blurry), he wasn't too happy with me for taking his pictures. I don't think he liked the flash much.

By the way, here are pictures of our actual accumulation the other day. They closed schools for that!? Seriously people!!!


  1. We don't have any pets so we decide to get fish for the kids for Christmas....Brett Li, Nemo and princess....they all died two weeks later with "Ick" or something to that effect...they turned white and their skin fell off .... we still haven't gotten any more... hopefully your beautiful fish will last longer...hope you guys are well!

  2. Terri9:21 PM

    I just have one question.
    How do you know if a fish is sleeping?

  3. Helloooo Jimmy!
    We had a beta fish at one point, too. They are super easy to take care of... a great first pet for sure! I just had a friend of mine tell me the other day that she ended up going through a bunch of beta fish one after the other and relized that it was because of her that they were dying left and right. Apparently beta's like murky water and she changed the water just about every week and went through beta fish like crazy! We wish you all the best Jimmy!

  4. Ok, they seriously closed school for that?! That is crazy. There is nothing on the ground. What would they do if you got a serious snowstorm? Close down the city? Love your fish! My mom had a beta fish. They are very pretty. My children would like a fish, but our cats would eat it.

  5. What a great fish...and definitely a wonderful first pet! My advice on a ready for a huge life change. They are great companions but they definitely make you readjust your whole life. But it really is worth it! I wish you lived closer. Natalie could just come over here and be part owner of Lily!


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