Saturday, October 15, 2005

This is Me.

I'm Melis, and this is me in a nutshell:

I grew up in Wisconsin. Lived there for 18 years (except for a 2-year stint in Indiana) before heading off to Bible College in Minnesota. I thought I would meet my husband there, but that was not the case. I actually met him when I went home for the summer after my first senior year.

This is my man 3 weeks before we met. Hot, right?, except for that blasted 'stache! I met my man in 2000 when he came on staff at my home church as the Worship Pastor.  We got married the next summer and we stayed in WI for the next 5 years. 

Along the way I had a girl-child and finally moved from my hometown to the East Coast. I quickly discovered that I was meant to live on the coast. I love, love, love living here and hope to never leave. Over the past two years I've been pregnant 3 times with only one of those ending with a baby in my arms. The man-child was born this past spring.  I have been blessed to be at home with my children since before my oldest was born.  God has been very good to us along the way. 
Every once and a while I'll get an hour here or there when I get to step away from my role as Mommy, Wife, or Pastor's Wife and I get to just be Me.  During those precious moments I like to read, write (blog), hang with my girls doing whatever--coffee, shopping, movies, spa days, anything.  I'm a blog junky!  I love to read them, write them, wish I could design them (anyone want to help me???).  I contribute to the coolest Mommy blog out there.  It's called I'm a Lazy Mom and is based on the idea that being a lazy mom is preferable to being a crazy mom.  I would love to write for more blogs.  Maybe someday someone will even pay be a bit for posting.  Oh and don't even get me started on my full-blown addiction to Facebook.  I had a fleeting fling with Twitter, but now it's all Facebook.

One of my greatest passions in life is seeing women find wholeness and healing through an honest relationship with God and with one another.  I serve my local company of women through the Exectutive Board of Destination: excellence, an exciting cutting edge ministry to women.  

I have a great many dreams of future ministry and life.  I would love someday to write a book or books.  I'd also love to travel and speak into the lives of women.  In the meantime I am just enjoying everyday life with the most amazing family and friends!  I absolutely love my life.  I love my rockin' little family more than anything in this world.  We are simply the coolest group of people you will ever meet and my highest priority in life, second only to my relationship with Jesus.

So that's me.  In a nutshell.  I hope you'll come back often.  I love you.  You are a most precious creation of a loving God.

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