Wednesday, October 05, 2005

That's ELMO'S World!

La la la la.... Natalie loves watching Sesame Street after breakfast and before her nap. It's her routine. She knows it's coming and looks forward to it. This morning she was just relaxing on the couch with her nuky (only during Sesame Street, bedtimes, and car rides), baby, and burpie. I was cleaning the kitchen and just happened to look up. This is what I caught her doing.

She holds her burpie up under her nose like that when she's sleepy. But what I caught her doing was holding the burpie up to Elmo's nose on TV. I waited and waited to see her do it again so I could snap a picture, but she saw me with the camera and came running. The moment was gone.

Later, I looked up and she was dancing to the Elmo music on a water mat she has. She likes to watch the fish inside dance along.

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