Thursday, September 15, 2011

A well-rounded post...

It may have taken me a sweet forever to get here, but now that this baby's arrival is less than 8 weeks away, I'm finally starting to get things ready for her. I realize that some people would have the nursery completed, a closet full of clothes, and the hospital bags packed by this point.  So I'm a bit behind but it's all good.  The music man has told me all along that it'll all be taken care of in time.  I believe him, but I'm realizing now that they will get done because I will do them!

I got the Robbeez in the mail yesterday.


Ebay's a great place to get gently used things for baby.  However...I'm not 100% pleased with my purchase.  I don't feel like going into the whole story of the whys, but I do have a strong word for sellers on ebay or any other company for that matter...BE VERY SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SELLING even if it means saying things that you think won't sell your product.  Don't gloss over things.  If you do, you'll just get unhappy customers that will want to leave bad feedback to warn other buyers of your ways. If you're product is more than "gently" used, just say so.  There are still people out there that would buy it.  Just be honest for crying out loud.

I'm done.

(Can you tell that Mamacita's fuze is short these days? Sorry about that.)

I promise that this blog won't turn into a giant baby shower in the weeks to come.  I'll try to be well-rounded. I am literally well-rounded so it shouldn't be too hard to write well-rounded posts.

Bahaha!  I'm funny.

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