Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Kosher Pickles....*

The Music Man has been working on a surprise for me since August. If you know him you understand the magnitude of that statement. For him to plan and KEEP a secret this long goes against every fiber of his fine being! From time to time he'll ask me if I want to know and I always say no. He's worked so hard on this secret and has been so proud of himself or keeping it that I just can't take that from him.

So Saturday night we were headed to his work Christmas party and he once again asked me about the secret and if I really had no idea what it was. I really didn't. I could not think of anything that I would be so excited about that he would be willing to keep a secret for 4 months just to see my face when I saw it. What could it possibly be?!?!

So we're sitting at dinner chit-chatting with some friends and one of them says, "so are you excited for Cirque du Soleil on Friday?" I was all "whaaaaaat???" And my man was all "months and months of trying to keep this a secret down the drain." Needless to say there was much disbelief and sputtering as everyone tried to salvage the botched secret.

I. Was. Thunderstruck. You see I have a special place in my heart for the beauty that is Cirque. I have wanted to go for YEARS, but living in central Wisconsin doesn't afford one many opportunities to see such an elaborate display of acroatics, dance, and plain and dimple awesomeness. When we moved to the East Coast there were chances here and there but by then we had kids and a mortgage and more important places to spend our money. To be honest I had kinda forgotten about going at all. Don't get me wrong, I still get the newsletter every month and know what the new shows are all about.

So when this sweet, well-intentioned woman spilled the beans of my man's hard-fought-for secret he was devastated! SIX days to go after months and months of building up the BEST, LONGEST KEPT secret of all time and it was gone in an instant. I felt terrible. For him. For me. For the months of anticipation.

BUT I was beyond thrilled! I gave him the most honest an heart-felt reaction of my life. There were shrieks and squeals and laughter and tears and hugs and screams and woo-hoos. I think it was all he had hoped for and then some. So even though the method of revealing his secret was not at all what he'd been planning months for, he was still pleased. I didn't get off the train at Penn Station, see the signs, and beg him to bring me back ASAP, but I can hardly sleep for the excitement I feel for Friday.

My man is amazing. I'm so tickled that he has kept this secret for so long AND that he made everyone who knew about it keep it as long as he did. He is simply the best.

Four more days....


*For the Music Man...

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