Thursday, December 31, 2009


In the Music Man's words...

Dear Friends and Family

I sit here this morning completely overwhelmed. Its been 2 weeks since I made the appeal for funds for our two missions trips in the new year. I have been on the receiving end of God's blessing in the past, but never quite like this. Our need was GREAT! Our God IS GREATER!

I had spoken personally with some of you, and when asked how the Africa trip was coming, I said, "well I don't have the funds, but I was willing to God, and God sees my heart." I had pretty much counted out the Africa opportunity. Well, yesterday at 4:30 PM was my deadline to raise 2700.00 before the plane tickets HAD to be purchased. I had in my account 1950.00 at 3:59PM.

The short story is, at 4PM yesterday afternoon, $750.00 came in to cover my trip. Yes, you read correctly, with 30 minutes to spare. So, thanks to you I will be able to GO and minister to a people that in my wildest dreams I would have never thought I would have the opportunity to minister to, lead worship in nations I NEVER thought I would be going to, and take the NAME OF JESUS to the uttermost parts of the earth!

You guys are awesome! Thank you for your faith-filled support. We still need your help raising another 3000.00 for our Spain trip in April, but thats for another email!

So this means, I have 13 days to: get immunizations; learn music from a band that I have never played with, much less EVEN MET; get the music department of First Assembly ready for my 2 week absence (I have 1000% confidence you guys will handle it! You wont even know I was gone); and pack!

The whirlwind has only just begun, but as it begins I wanted to say a humble THANK YOU for your overwhelming support of Melissa and I. In tears this morning know I am overwhelmed at your love for us and your support for our ministry.

Thank you!
PS and Melissa Ball


I gave him a new journal for Christmas.  He asked The Girl to write a note to him in it for when he's gone.  What she wrote is beyond precious! 

If you can't read it here's the translation:
To: Daddy
From: Natalie
I heart you.
I hop that you
have a varvr Good
tom at Afrcka
I wat you to
say her bee kus
I heart you.
What else could I possible say after that?

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  1. God is amazing! The picture from Natalie is precious.


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