Thursday, March 26, 2009

I know I know

I've been a bit MIA on here lately. I'm not sure what my reasons are. I know I have them, but trying to formulate them into complete thoughts with quirky one lines for a spanky post aren't happenin' for me right now. is on my to-do list, so I will do it. I promise. I also promise to post more often, not just tell you why I'm not posting every couple months. Mmm kay?

Now that the air is clear, I thought I'd let you in on a little project I'm starting. Actually I've already been doing this but I've decided to welcome some accountability into my life and join with a bunch of other bloggers.

Woo-hoo for accountabiblty!

I've joined the 30 x 5 challenge over at 2nd Cup of Coffee. You do 30 minutes of excercise a day, five days a week. And it's only for two weeks. You can do that!

Here's the kicker...You have to blog about it then. Ok, that right there will get me into major trouble because you all know how I haven't been blogging at. all. lately. So sorry.

Now, I must go and get my heart pumping. I have 30 minutes till my family gets home and will want to eat.

PS. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. You are awesome! Glad you're joining us. You can be a real encourager.

  2. Okay, I think I might love you. You joined the ranks of "moving" somehow 30 minutes 5x a week yada blah blah whatever posted a BROWNIE recipe yesterday...and before that pictures of the hair foils.
    Yes, I do love you.
    Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Diane

  3. Nice to meet you - love the post above, I hate it when a movie is so bad it feels like a waste of time.

    Anywho - I'm here to offer some
    30x5 Challenge encouragement.

    So here goes:
    KEEP IT UP! Go girl. Wooohooo for your willpower. You can do this.


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