Saturday, October 28, 2006

A long time coming..

So this summer (can you believe summer is already gone!?) my sister came for a visit. I am just now getting the pictures posted! Ha! That's how crazy life has been! I am also currently uploading 58 pictures from my camera that are from the past two months. So hopefully over the next few days I'll be able to get all caught up. So here we go...

Playing Play-doh, one of Natalie's favorite pastimes!

We were so busy, so Natalie was wise and took advantage of every spare second she could to catch some zzz's. This time it was on the steps!

One afternoon we walked around the wonderful little downtown of North East. It's a great little street filled with specialty and antique shops as well as this great ice cream place that has a giant cow in front of it. (You may recognize this cow from Scott's birthday party pictures!)

Of course, one day we went to the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous! We had such a wonderful time, but Natalie again got totally worn out. She curled up on my chair and napped while Jess and I sunned ourselves and read magazines.

As we were getting ready to take Jess to the airport, I wanted to get a few pictures of Natalie and her, but Natalie was not interested in it AT ALL!!!

Also while Jess was here, Scott had his 28th birthday. I've already posted the pictures from the surprise party I threw for him, but here are some of the family celebration that we had with Jess on his birthday...

Daddy's home... "Happy Bir-day Daddy!"

When I asked Scott what he wanted on his cake he told me a truck...this was what I was able to come up with...

Of course Natalie wanted her own cake...

Scott and Natalie blowing out the candles on their cakes...

Ha ha ha!!! I got trick candles that kept re-lighting themslelves!!!

Daddy's card that Aunt Jecca helped Natalie make...

So that was our wonderful week with Jess. I had a really hard saying goodbye this time. I so enjoyed having her around! I wish she could have stayed longer and she could come more often! Someday, I pray she'll have a job that will allow her the freedom to do just that! I love you Jess!

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  1. Anissa10:49 PM

    You guys have way too much fun (as if that is possible). Well, looks like Aunt Jecca had fun there and that Scott got his truck - awesome. Not to mention that Natalie looks like an angel sleeping - give her lots of kisses from me.


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