Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Once a Month Won't Get You Blogher Ads

About six months ago I applied to run Blogher ads on my sight. At that time I was posting a couple times a week. Then it tapered the speed of cold molassas in January. I totally forgot about the application and about Blogher in general until two weeks ago when I received their response to my application.

A paraphrase...
"Due to your utter lack of posting we're going to pass this time on you this time. We prefer to have our ads run on blogs that people actually read! People don't read blogs that are only posted to once a month. Sorry about your luck. When you get your bloggy butt in gear you can re-apply."

(It really wasn't rude AT ALL! I added all the snippy comments.)

I was so irritated with myself on the one hand, but on the other hand I didn't care at all. Since applying for the ads, my outlook on my little piece of the blogesphere has changed. I used to want lots and lots of readers. I wanted to run ads to draw more readers and more advertisers so I could make a name for myself just like The Pioneer Woman and Dooce.

But I've discovered that's not what I want at all. I just want a place to be me. I want to write about the stuff I love and share my life with the people I care about. If a stranger stumbles upon my little blog here and is encouraged or blessed or amused by something I wrote and wants to come back day after day, er...month after month, then more power to them. But I'm not going to seek that out. At least not now anyway.

Soooo...what's my point? Um, I guess there really isn't one. Ha! With Twitter and Facebook giving, I haven't felt the need to post here. And honestly...the few people who even read this blog are already on either Twitter of Facebook (or both) and you haven't wondered one moment where I've been.

I'll be interested to see where this blog goes. I'll keep you posted.

Bahahaha!!!! Get it?!?!? Posted!?!?!?!

I love when I make myself laugh!


  1. I like reading your updates :-)

  2. You are such a goofball . . . I read your blog about the speed of a caterpillar in a snowstorm. Sorry. But when I do, I LOVE it.


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