Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There's no resisting it...

Is anyone else floored by the Idol finale?  I totally thought Adam was walking out of there as the next American Idol! Overall the finale was delightfully entertaining!  There were some really great moments and some real doosies.  First the highlights...  (These are just my opinions so if you don't agree that's cool.)

1. Norman Gentle
2. Ryan in Norman's glasses and headband
3. Anoop and Alexis with Jason Mraz
4. Kris and Keith urban
5. Randy's cute little bow tie and matching specs
7. Kara and bikini girl - Love the way Kara whipped out her own bikini!
8. Gene Simmons pony tail
9. Santana, and SANTANA ONLY...please see Miss #3 & #4 for more information.
10. Tatiana del Toro 

Total Misses
1. Adams skeletor shoulder pads and boots
2. KISS. I just don't get them.
3. When the top 13 joined Santana
4. The excessive group numbers.
5. That oil rigger guy
6. That Matt guy with the nubbin on his head (which, by the way, they've photo-shopped out of this picture!)
6. Not enough Anoopdawg
7. Too much of Adams falsetto screaming
8. The trophys - just weird. 
9. This guy reminds me of this guy.
10. I really only had 9 misses, but I'm too OCD tp not have 10 highlights and 10 misses.

That's it.  That's all I've got. 

Now what am I going to do with my Tuesday and Wednesday nights???

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