Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Miracle of Sorts

Last night the Boy-Wonder slept through the night.  I'm still in a bit of shock over the whole situation.  I mean, he'll be just five weeks old tomorrow and breastfed so I wasn't expecting him to sleep through the night for months.  (I know, I know... I'm not that naive to think that this will be a regular occurrence.  I'm just glad he did it once.  Twice would be pure bliss!)

(The Girl Child slept through the night by five weeks, but she was bottle-fed with formula.  Formula fed babies go longer between feedings.  Bless their wee little tummies.)

Anyway, he was on a feeding fest yesterday, eating about every two hours.  By the evening he was eating pretty much non stop, every hour or so.  So when I fed him at 1030, I was hoping he would sleep for at least 3, hopefully 4 hours.  I was worn out.  

It was a round 2 when I woke up to hear him grunting away.  (The Music Man has begun calling him Grunty McGrunterson because he is seriously the gruntiest little man ever.  Grunts when he sleeps.  Grunts when he eats.  Grunts when his sister bugs him.  Grunts when he needs to burp.  Grunts when he poops.  You get the idea.)

I got up, went to the bathroom, and got my pillows ready.  I leaned over the bassinet only to find him completely sound asleep.  Ugh!  That meant that I would lay down only to doze off before he woke me.  Only this time, I woke myself up a half hour later wondering why in the world is he not awake!?  I checked on him and sure enough--sound asleep.  By this time though I was ready to feed him and starting to get uncomfortable.  I got him up and brought him to bed and tried with all my might to wake him and feed him.  Yeah, he wanted no part of that.  

So I decided to just keep him in bed with me so that when he did wake up in an hour I wouldn't have to get up again.  (By this point in the night I had been up for about an hour, so I was ready to sleep.)  We settled in.  (Blah, blah, blah--I know that you're not supposed to sleep with your baby, but you know what?  I don't care--he actually sleeps when we do and you know what that means--I get to sleep!)  The next thing I know it's 6am.  The boy slept for eight hours without eating.  (OWWWWW!!!)

I was never so glad to offer my boob to the little man!  He ate and ate and pooped and ate and ate and pooped some more.  Then went right back to sleep.  It is three hours later and he is still sleeping.  

You would think that I would feel so much better for having got a semi-uninterrupted night's sleep, but I don't.  I feel the same as when he has me up for hours and hours.  Funny.  I'm going to get a shower while the gettin's good and try with all my motherly might to feed the boy non-stop again today.  Yeah, maybe we could have a double miracle tonight!

So congratulations, Boy-Wonder!  I'm so proud of you!  I'm sure your dad is pleased with your lack of grunting and pooping last night!


Sorry for any typos or unsensicle sentence structure (or made up words like unsensicle).  I'm not taking the time to proof read.  A hot shower is calling my name as is a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  I thought about working out before the shower.  I did.  I thought about it for 3.5 seconds.  Then decided that I don't want to.  I'll just burn calories by nursing.  It's this lazymom's way to loose weight.

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